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The Company


Tadawul Investments better known as just “Tadawul” is one of the newest binary option platforms on the scene. That is not to say inexperienced or young. Tadawul was the creation of several long time players in the financial markets who sought a better and more professional way to deal with their financial clients. The original concept of Tadawul was to offer everything to the Tadawul. The senior staff would be built from long time financial advisors and specialists that had a deep knowledge of the financial markets, as well as an understanding of how to treat clients and traders with special individual attention and to satisfy their needs. The Tadawul creators spent many months recruiting its top management whose philosophy melded with the future that Tadawul founders saw for the company as well as its clients.

The executive management team at Tadawul has a cumulative 220 years of experience in the financial markets, all with various backgrounds and specialties bring strength to the overall team. Once the management team was in place, the group began to develop their website, the platform and the support teams. Finding just the right employees to head each department took a great deal of time and effort but it was accomplished. Over the next year this group built the Tadawul brand, developing and incorporating their philosophy and belief into all parts of the business.

Part of the Tadawul belief was building from the ground up, building a stronger supportive infrastructure which would make sure that the entire company would be supported and that these goals and beliefs would reach to their clients.

The Tadawul philosophy and beliefs are now realized in the all new technologically advanced trading platform and website. Tadawul’s staff had undergone intensive training and continues to be trained to use all the tools available. Tadawul’s staff regularly participates in companywide team building programs to reinforce the Tadawul philosophy and to make sure that our relationship internally and with our clients are the best in the marketplace.

Safety and Security

One of the guiding rules of Tadawul is based under the “fairness principle” where all of our dealing are transparent and above board.

At Tadawul, your funds are protected along with your personal data. Tadawul employees advanced state of the art encryption software to protect your data and your account.

Your transactions and personal data are safe and secure at all time. Your funds are held by the most respected banks in the world so that you can trade with the peace of mind knowing that your investments are locked behind walls and layers of protection, encryption and regulations.

All of our transaction are transparent as well as our reputation. If you want take a minute and check us out.